About Us

GMRSAL.com is the home of the network backbone that interconnects various GMRS Repeater systems across Alabama.

Please see the Repeaters drop-down in the Menu to see the current repeaters.

Kindly note that the network connections can go down at any time. If this happens, rest assured that each repeater will continue to operate “standalone” and you can continue to utilize each repeater within their unique coverage areas. Network Link connectivity will automatically restore as the backbone normalizes for any given location.

‘North Alabama GMRS’ is not affiliated with MyGMRS.com, commonly misunderstood to be one large entity.

Special Hat Tip of Thanks To:
WRYK487, Greg
WRUR779, Jesse
WRQZ451, Sonny
WSAF395, Ralph

System Founders
WROV773, Paul
WRKV324, Josh